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Our Plant

Aerial view of our Diamond Green Diesel renewable diesel refinery in Norco, Louisiana, a joint venture with Darling Ingredients Inc.

North America’s Largest Renewable Diesel Production Facility

At our 290 million-gallon-per-year renewable diesel plant, we process recycled animal fats, used cooking oil and inedible corn oil into renewable diesel fuel.

Our renewable diesel meets the most stringent low-carbon fuel standards.

With an integrated supply chain combining Darling's feedstock with Valero's production and marketing logistics, this dynamic partnership produced its first barrel of renewable diesel in 2013.

From an initial production capacity of 160 million gallons a year, we have expanded to our current 290 million gallons per year, and are in the construction phase to expand by 400 million gallons per year in 2021.

Valero and Darling continue to pursue growth in the low-carbon renewable diesel business, and have approved a new 470 million gallons per year renewable diesel plant near Valero's Port Arthur, Texas refinery. Operations are expected to begin in late 2022, increasing Diamond Green Diesel's total annual production to approximately 1.2 billion gallons of renewable diesel.

science and process

Science and Process

Science and Process of DGD Renewable Diesel